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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

M22 and M57

Here are the last two shots taken in May, the lovely M22 (one of the largest globular clusters in our galaxy) and a retake of M57. The last time, M57 was taken I used a 2x Barlow lens and, of course, it magnified all my fine errors. Interesting that this time using an f/9 telescope, the 15 megapixel DSLR can capture M57 at the same equivalent magnification and resolution as was with the Barlow on the 6" f/5 Newt. Well, I guess that makes sense, f/5 x 2 = f/10. Both these images were unguided, 180 x 15 sec JPEG frames, 3200 ASA, with noise reduction enabled.

See ya' in a couple more weeks.

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