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Sunday, June 1, 2008

NGC 6960, Veil Nebula

Unguided, 1600 ASA, 200 x 15 second frames, equivalent to 50 minutes of exposure. The Veil Nebula, also known as the Cygnus Loop, is a relatively faint remnant of a supernova in the constellation Cygnus. Interesting to note, the IR cutoff filter in my Canon 350D keeps most of the hydrogen emissions from being recorded, otherwise there would also be a significant red portion to the nebula.

Couldn't decide which portrait orientation I liked better, so I included both.


Mike Dierken said...

These are beautiful. I've been dreaming about getting a real telescope and hooking up a quality digital camera. Now I know who to talk to when I get serious!

Andy said...

Thanks, Mike. Took 3 months before I was taking pictures I felt safe showing the world. I'll dig up a couple of my 'originals'....hmm, or maybe not. Maybe they should never see the light of day. They're bad, just plain bad.