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Thursday, June 26, 2008


Monsoon season is here. As spectacular as it is, puts a real damper on
my nighttime activity. Working around the phases of the moon is one
thing, but this just blows. All I can really do is wait, and enjoy the
light and water show.


Marianne said...

Loved the new pic of the Ring Nebula--color is intriguing. Glad all is back in working order.
Do the electrical storms leave alot more interference--especially when you are having triple digit temperatures? Love, Mom

Andy said...

Just liquid interference and lots of clouds.

Marianne said...

Ha! -My question sounded dumb--what I meant was for some time afterwards do the electrical storms leave more "noise" or not a factor at all? Anyway, there was a great photo in the Sunday newsmagazine from your area--showing a beautiful early evening with tall storm clouds against a very colorful horizon ,& in the middle a very tall,(huge?)--looked cylindrical---downpour that was taking place a distance away. A stunning photo. Reference was to the evening storm shows this time of year that you had talked about. Mom