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Thursday, September 25, 2008

NGC 7293, Helix Nebula

Tried a difficult target, the Helix Nebula, a large planetary nebula. Given that it is one of the closest of such nebula to our solar system, you would think it was much more distant. Apparent brightness is spread across a vast surface relegating any other observing details deeper in the IR range. Clearly, photographing this kind of deep sky object approaches the limits of what can be reasonably done in an evening with the latest DSLR camera.

It is possible another alternative might work, taking successive exposures over several evenings. I have yet to try this. Maybe if I have time during Christmas break. Would really need to leave the telescope outside and in place for a whole week.

Unguided, 250 x 15 second JPEG frames, 1600 ASA, with noise reduction enabled.

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