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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Messier 20, Trifid Nebula

First result from my little experiment. How'd I do? Charles Messier discovered this heavenly object in 1764. The red emission nebula comprises a young star cluster near its center, and is surrounded by a blue reflection nebula. 99 x 15 second frames, or about 25 minutes of exposure. Only tossed out 6 frames from 105, and I was being picky. Thats roughly 5%, a sixfold decrease in defects!

Compare this to the earlier post of M8 and you can see here that the starfield of the Milky Way around M20 lacks the background noise and reddish glow. Stars are more pinpoint. I did pick up some coma in the far upper right; not sure if there was some tube flexure or impact from additional temperature drop.

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